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Parking Management Atlanta

From a 15-space surface parking area to a 20,000-stall airport parking facility, Elite Parking Corporation is here to serve your individual needs, and we employ highly trained individuals who serve those needs through daily onsite management.

While the size, type, and needs of the organizations we manage change, the one thing that does not change is the fundamentals of parking management. The “Elite” difference that sets us apart from our competitors in parking management is our dedication to these fundamentals:

  • Proactive Management – We implement innovative techniques before our competitors, generating more revenue for you by placing you on the cutting edge.

  • Clean, Safe Garages – We regularly clean the garages and ensure all lights/gates work.

  • Adequate Signage – Exit, Speed Limit, and Location signs prominently displayed throughout the garage.

  • Professional Appearance – Every member of our staff is clean-cut and dressed in uniform.

  • Daily Bank Deposits – We eliminate possibility for error or loss by entrusting your money to the financial institution of your choice.

  • Employee and Ticket Auditing – Fraud potential is eradicated through scrutiny of employee cash drawers, ticket logs, and surveillance cameras.

  • Access card reconciliation with contract billing – We ensure that your facility is only accessed by those patrons with current cards, and everyone is charged.

  • Daily Monitoring and Auditing – ParKontrol, Ltd keeps your patrons and parking facility safe through a visible presence of authority.

  • Enforcement and Collection – We take an active role in monitoring and ticketing parking violations, and eliminate opportunities for “free” parking through onsite revenue collection.

  • Full Insurance Coverage to protect your assets


Other management companies only focus on generating revenue for themselves, ignoring the client’s needs. At Elite Parking we treat all of our clients as our #1 priority and support them with close attention, proactive management, and unwavering commitment to their goals. 

Contact us today to learn how we can specifically serve your needs.

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