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Working Atmosphere Elite

At Elite Parking Corporation, we believe that people are the fundamental backbone of our organization; therefore, we make every effort to hire and maintain only the most reliable staff. Prior to hiring all new associates we perform a:

  • DMV check

  • Background check

  • Credit check

  • Drug urinalysis


Once hired, you’ll find that working for Elite Parking is a challenging career that requires responsibility and dedication. We recognize that quality people with a “service” attitude are hard to find, so once we hire our responsible and dedicated staff we do everything possible to make working at Elite Parking Corporation more than just a job. We offer a casual, dynamic work environment that values our associates and encourages them to grow as our company grows. We demonstrate how much we value all of our associates whether they are a Manager of a 20,000-stall garage or a Valet by offering them:

  • Uniforms

  • Flexible schedules

  • Extensive training on parking fundamentals

  • Matching Roth / Matching Traditional 401K Retirement Plan

  • Competitive Insurance

  • Company sponsored events

  • Opportunities to advance in the company


The benefits we offer our associates are intended to help them truly become part of the Elite Parking Corporation team. By valuing our associates for their unique skills and perspectives, we will be able to:

  • Increase market share in growing segments

  • Attract and retain the most talented and productive workforce

  • Create an atmosphere of respect and inclusion with zero tolerance for harassment

  • Foster beneficial community relationships


All of these things will greatly increase the size of our company, and in turn increase opportunity for all of our associates to advance in the company. If you join our organization you will be a part of an organization that truly is a leader in the parking industry. See what exciting opportunities are available. Apply for a position now!

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